Social DRM To The Max

Tired of customers complaining about Adobe DRM when buying ePub ebooks?

In need for a security solution that is compatible with all ePub platforms?

Enter BooXtream®

With this award winning technology, every publisher can protect its digital content without sacrificing customer satisfaction. BooXtream® offers the perfect solution. With BooXtream®, every eBook sold is unique using advanced watermarking and personalisation features.


The ePub ebook files contains visible personalisation and multiple invisible watermarks in all data files, without sacrificing compatibility. BooXtream® uses multiple realtime protection algorithms that encodes not only information about the publisher, but also about the customer and the web shop. A publication that has been BooXtreamed can be traced back to the shop and even to the individual customer.


A BooXtream® protected file, when found on the internet or on a digital memory device, is linked to the customer that bought and downloaded it. Because customers know the files can contain their name or customer number, the risk of illegal distribution is very low. And because no 'real' DRM is used, the customer can play or read the information on every device he or she owns.

Distribution platform

BooXtream® doubles as a digital distribution platform by creating and fulfilling download links on the fly. Use your own repository or use the built in BooXtream® repository to store your master files.

Mobi compatible

BooXtream® automatically converts watermarked ePub files to Mobi compatible eBook files for your Kindle users.

How it works

With every order fulfilment, BooXtream® needs the customer name, customer email address and an order-id (supplied by the shop). BooXtream® encodes this as a series of redundant digital watermarks and also adds visible, personalised information for the end user into the ePub file. All visible and personalised information is optional and can be customised:
- Page 2 contains an Ex Libris (image with customer name), that can be customised per publisher and per customer.
- Every chapter ends with a personalised footer text.
- The last page contains a disclaimer and logo, and has a corresponding entry in the table of contents.

How to implement BooXtream®

You can start using BooXtream® right away with our user friendly Dashboard. For integrators, BooXtream® is offered as a RESTful XML web service and is very easy to integrate into your system. Our documentation includes sample code for .Net and php.

For more information, mail to Please mention your type of business (publisher, web shop, distributor or other) and when you want to start using BooXtream® social DRM.

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